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I am moving the data because a trojan snuck in.  I killed the trojan by setting the drive as external, and scanning.  However, I could no longer log onto the formerly infected drive. It hangs at the welcome screen.  So I loaded XP Pro onto another drive, and set the old drive as external. I can now see the data, but get the "Access Denied" message that will not let me copy the data. 

I either have to be able to release the data to the new drive, or access the old drive by booting to XP.  As of writing I can not do either.

I have tried the XP recover on the old drive, but the trojan seems to have changed the admin password. I then tried to clear the password using a Linux boot disk, and it showed the account unlocked, but I still hangs at the welcome screen.

Ideas appreciated.  I can't move ahead until I can get the data off. Thx K.



Karen Girrl,
     Thanks for posting with us.  The article below describes taking ownership of folders\files.  You may need to go through these steps if the malware changed the permissions on the your old drive.

Let us know the results.

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