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This is an issue that is very similar to an issue posted on October 2009 . The issue remains unresolved over three years later. Windows XP MCE SP3. Cannot move files or folders. Files and folders become inaccessible and corrupt after moving. Error messages vary when attempting to open a moved file. For example a self-extracting exe file will produce the error message with the file name in the top of the error box "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."  A notepad file will simply produce an "Access is denied" error upon attempting to open.

I am unable to move the files again after they have been moved once. Once the file has been moved (and assuming  corrupted) any further attempts to move the corrupt file receive this message: "Error Moving File Or Folder: Cannot Move Filename: Access is Denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use." Unlike the issue posted in October 2009 I am able to delete the newly moved files however I originally did share the same issue. My inability to delete the newly moved files was only resolved after installing "unlocker" software.

I have run every virus scan, malware scan, and spyware scan available.  Issue occurs across all files on the hard-drive regardless of their location. As this issue has been ongoing for several years, System Restore is not an option. 

Creating a new windows user account identifies additional issues. While a newly created (administrator) user account does not have the above issues with moving files, other issues do arise. For example, a number of folders and files are no longer accessible. Folders which are regularly accessed by the main account display the error "Access is denied" when they are attempted to be accessed by the newly created account.

Microsoft you were made aware of this issue several years ago. Your response was "use system restore." Many responded to your useless suggestion and still that's the best you could come up with?  Instead of spending so much time developing new operating systems how about dedicating a little time to maintenance and support for the only microsoft operating system that is worth using. You can upgrade windows as many times as you want but we're sticking with XP. I'd rather be unable to move files and risk losing my data than have to use something as awful as Windows 8, 7, or Vista.

1. you should delete files in safe mode


2. in the newly created account you may not have transfered the data from the old account properly to work in the new account.


3. have you checked your permissions for the file you want to move or delete?


4. if something is in use you cannot move or delete, which is why it would be good to use safe mode as the minimal is loaded.


5. if your scans have not found anything, and the issue has persisted for an extended period, you may have an infection that is too deeply embedded to find. There are some malware removal sites I can direct you to if you like.


6. as a last resort you can reinstall your os and start fresh.

Dell Dimension 3000, Firefox, WinXP Pro/Sp3, 360 TSE by Qiho, MBAM

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