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I have automatic Microsoft Updates and Security Essentials, plus my Verizon e-mail provider doe's an automatic free security scan using McAfee software. But a Speedy Pro scan of: System Problems, Malware, Performance Problems, Privacy Items and Junk Files showed I had 967 problems, but I didn't click on the" Fix All" button. Anybody have an opinion on these results?

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Hi, You do not need a Registry Cleaner, etc.

And most of them may do more harm to your System than any claimed good.

They find 100s of erors to justify their existence and convince you how good their Program is (not)

Here are a couple of opions about Speedy Pc Pro:







 "Probably too late to help the OP, but for others: SpeedyPC Pro is a scam. It is also directly tied to their payment processing company, "Safecart". Neither is US-based making it a mess to try to get refunds...or repairs. It pops up if you're unknowingly trying to email an exceedingly large file or search using terms like "slow PC", "sluggish", "email won't load" etc etc. Lesson 1- NEVER buy software that magically shows up when you're having problems. Once it's downloaded, paid for (usually Paypal-to-Safecart) you are asked to "activate" it - requiring remote access to your PC. Lesson 2 - any unknown, non brand-name software support person should NEVER be allowed remote access...even major companies should be allowed only controlled access, usually spelled out in the user agreement (which is vital reading for any software "requiring" external/remote access. If folders or files appear missing, renamed, moved etc. and you call support, you will again be asked for remote access. Do not allow it. They will then state the only other support level is paid support (usually $300 or so, with the price dropping if you vacillate). Lesson 3 - refuse paid support. Then, when it's obvious you're in trouble, you will want to remove it - which they will help you with if you allow them REMOTE ACCESS!.. Again, you MUST refuse. You can ask for email instructions, which they will promise to send - and never do. You can ask to speak to a supervisor, and will be placed on hold - forever. You can remove the software - but it will leave some visible and more hidden files and folders you CAN'T see, even if you tick the "show hidden files and folders" box. You can do a system restore - same problem, not everything is gone. In a recent situation, after several requests for removal instructions via email and assurance they cannot still a system after the software is "removed", activity was noted...external access. The computer was immediately taken offline. Lesson 4 - you can't fix it yourself. Bottom line - removal of this **** is requiring a trip to an expert tech shop, where the hard drive will be removed, *hopefully* critical files saved, the drive wiped clean and the system reloaded from scratch. Not a cheap fix, and the $30 purchase price won't begin to cover the charges. There's also no way to go after them as so many layers are involved. If you've never heard of it, can't find reviews by major players (Cnet and such) avoid it like the plague. And if it's too late, not only have your PC wiped but re-set ALL passwords (resetting user names is also a good idea) and re-set the security on your home or business network. (FWIW the first review site says "SpeedyPC Pro Exposed?" - and is "comparepcsoftware.com, coincidentally owned by the same company as SpeedyPC Pro. That should give you a clear indication of how they work). There is plenty of quality, name band software out there. And some small outfits produce great stuff - but they market through normal channels and if truly good will have reviews by known experts. SpeedyPC Pro is a very, very costly way to find out how software doesn't work and how data retrieval DOES. Here's a simple, clear rating site. It'll give you a pretty good idea of where they stand: http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/www.speedypc.com PS - The fact that they are a Microsoft Partner surprises me not at all."




Bill Smithers - Microsoft MVP July 2013 - June 2020

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