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Phone call scam- received call from a technician who said my system was infected

Reynard 99 asked on
I am the gullible one who has possibly gone too far with the Indian phone call. As I was using my laptop at the time it was too easy to believe.
Although I was getting suspicious, I actually entered a code provided by caller, to allow "technician" to advise by online chat. Then I stopped. I am concerned that this could have infected my system, XP Pro. I have provisionally restored system to a date before the call. Is this sufficient, or should I re install XP from scratch? Also what is the risk of my main computer, running 7 and not in use at the time being affected?
What other remedial measures should I take?
What extra precautions should I take with regard to online banking?
Any advice very much appreciated.
Reynard 99
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This sneaky criminal practice is known as phone phishing: Phishing Phone Calls - " Your computer has a virus "

BEWARE - Users have been reporting they have received phone calls, some claiming to be from "Microsoft", telling them that that their computers are infected. The caller asks the User if they are online and if their computers are performing slowly.
If their computers are not running, they will ask the User to boot the system and report on the start up time or, if the system is running and online, they will tell the User that a tech can take over control of it and clean a "virus infection".
This is a scam !!!
If you happen to receive one of these phone calls ask the caller for the name of the company, where they are located, and their phone number.
Then hang up and report this to:
IC3 (internet crime)
The Local FBI Office ( if you're in the US)

Microsoft will never , repeat, NEVER , cold call people who use Windows. NEVER !!!

Do not fall for this latest scam.
NEVER allow strangers to take over your computer. NEVER !!!

Here's a thread from a Microsoft forum where a User fell to this scam :
Phone Call From Someone claiming I have a Virus

If you have not called any tech support center for assistance then NEVER allow anyone who calls you unsolicited to take over control of your computer !



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