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I'm sorry for the lengthy post but this is the type of problem that's easy to explain in person but if conveyed in writing it might take a little longer for definition's sake. Please read on without fear because this problem is not as complicated to define as it might appear, I hope.

I use two(2) computer monitors with same system but why does Media Player work on only one monitor and not the other monitor?

I've been using two monitors with my PC thanks to the CLONE feature and things have been going great. Monitor #1 is a 19" computer monitor. Monitor #2 sits across the room. Vizio, the manufacturer, does not market monitor #2 as a computer monitor, nope, it's a 47" Vizio HDTV that I use as a computer monitor. I've been using that setup without any problems for over a year now until yesterday. The problem: Now when I use both monitors to play a video the sound will play but not the video. All I see is a blank black screen. This negative situation applies to only monitor #2 and NOT monitor #1.

>very important, please note....when I have both monitors turned on and I'm playing a video you can actually see the video play on monitor #1, the 19 inch video!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the video player when it's running on the small 19 inch computer monitor. But when you turn your head to look across the living room where I have monitor #2 placed you will not see the video that's currently running on monitor #1 as you normally would before the malfunction appeared. No, instead you will see Windows Media Player (or Nero or RealPlayer) "playing" a blank black screen even though 1) both monitors are indeed cloned and 2) the video plays without any problems on monitor #1.With monitor #2 the media players work (sort of) because the volume/sound level is adjustable and you can see the media player's progress bar jumping up and down and all around but the problem is that there's just no video when you attempt to watch the video on monitor #2.

>except for playing videos through a media player, I can use my Vizio TV as a monitor for anything related to the computer, there are no other negative issues. I can surf the web, edit videos, etc. When I run a Youtube video from my computer to monitor #2 the Vizio TV, the Youtube video plays fine. Ditto for Netflix, no complaints there. In fact I just typed this post out and posted it using monitor #2...but if I want to watch a video that I have saved in an XP folder then the only option is to use monitor #1.

Thanks in advance for your help :)



Do s system restore as first step. if that fails,

1.       uninstall all monitor 2 software

2.       disconnect monitor 2

3.       restart the computer

4.       connect monitor 2

5.       install all monitor software

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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