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I have Compaq Presario C784TU notebook. My problem is that microphone is not working in winodws xp while its working fine in windows 7. i have tried many drivers but not successfull. please help me regarding this because i use winxp mostly.






1. What happens when you plug in the microphone on Windows XP computer?
2. Do you receive any error message/code?
3. Is this issue specific to the microphones? Do you have sound on the computer/speakers?
Follow the methods.
Method 1
a. Check your microphonecable to ensure that it is plugged correctly into the motherboard or sound card. The jack should be connected to a port with a microphone symbol, typically colored pink. If a USB port is used, ensure it is plugged into a powered connection.
b. Verify whether your microphone has an in-line adjustment. Many now provide either noise dampening or muting as a slider or switch.
c. Click on "Control Panel" in the Start menu's "Settings" option. Select "Sounds and Audio Devices."
d. Choose the "Voice" tab and click on "Volume" under the "Voice recording" box. Verify that Mute All is not selected and increase the slider to max volume.
Method 2
Let's try testing with Windows XP's built in tool. Please follow the steps below.
a) Click Start and select Control Panel then double-click on Sounds and Audio Devices.
b) Select the Voice Tab and under Default Device select microphone.
c) Click Test Hardware and check the status of the issue.

Method 3
Check Microphone settings
a) Double Click on Volume Control Icon in your system tray, it will open up the volume control window. Click on Options > Enable Advanced Properties.
b) Click on Options again> Properties, on Properties window, in Playback option, check the Microphone.
c) Select Recording and check the Microphone and press OK.
d) You can see the Microphone Volume Control, here you can increase or decrease microphone volume as per your need.
Method 4
Also check the status of the microphone in the device manager.
To access Device Manager, use any of the following method:
a) Click Start, click Run, and then type devmgmt.msc and press enter.
b) Check if the microphone is detecting in the list.

Method 5
You may also download & install the latest drivers for sound card from the manufacturer’s website.
How to manage devices in Windows XP
Let us know the status of the issue.

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