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Strange issue that just started:


I installed a VERY old program and every time it starts, it gives an error saying "This application has failed to start because WINSPOOL.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."


Weird thing is that I can find winspool.dll in the C:/WINDOWS/System32 folder but the icon isn't the same as the other .dll files. So I'm open to ideas on how to fix this.


My bad - I initially posted with WINSOCK.dll instead of WINSPOOL.dll in the title.

What I see in my directory are two files named winspool. One is an unknown file type, the other is an executable.

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Daavee replied on

Hi  - sorry, I screwed up. I should have written winspool in the title.

I'm loading up a program from Broderbund called Kindergarten Success Starter. The specific program is James Discovers Math.

Just Googled and found this:

In explorer, go into the Windows\System folder

Copy winspool.drv. Rename the copy as winspool.dll.

Try the program again. It *might* work (I found a few references to this problem elsewhere and this was a workaround) -- but it might not.

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