Q: Error - Windows cannot find HELPCTR.EXE, not able to open Help and support in Windows XP Home. This thread is locked from future replies

Original Title: Help and support on windows XP Home / 'helpctr.exe no path from start panel.

It also says Open Help and Support , But when I search for the file it doesent exsist. I have typed the directions from micrsoft but it just says the same thing-Windows cannot find helpctr.exe-Then when I try to search in the middle of searching it says runtime librrary something when I X it out screen goes blank then comes back Windows sain open some window I have never heard od to type a regrestry or something can someone help me with this matter



Found this as I had the same problem here:

"To resolve the issue, perform the following:
Go to Windows registry.
Navigate to the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/App Paths
Double-click HELPCTR.EXE
Right-Click (Default) in the right window pane, and click Modify. 
Type the following: 
Click OK. 
Exit the Registry Editor, and restart Windows XP."

what i did was export that key from a working windows XP install and import the reg file to the failing windows if not U can manually create the key and send it to point to the file location if the file is missing then U copy the file don't know if the file differs from Home to Pro but its another option to take if U'r still stuck.

Any way my prob was corruption in reg for missing file the fix as such may not work. if U still have  the problem (cause the post is old) then good luck

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