Changed Hard drive letter in regedit and now my computer won't pass the Windows XP loading page

I recently installed a new hard drive and noticed after installing windows xp that my hard drive was linked to letter I. I searched a few sites and came to the one posted ahead. Well I went to the website and blindly did what it warned me not to do.

Warning Do not use the procedure that is described in this article to change a drive on a computer where the drive letter has not changed. If you do so, you may not be able to start your operating system. Follow the procedure that is described in this article only to recover from a drive letter change, not to change an existing computer drive to something else. Back up your registry keys before you make this change.

So I followed the steps on the site, changed my hard drive from I to C...and now my computer stops at the blue windows xp page. I didn't back up the registry, and it wont allow me to access system recovery in the start up. I can however get to the boot menu and the setup menu. Suggestions on how to change my hard drive back to its original letter?

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