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I have (birthday gift) a Dell Inspiron 1011 laptop with Windows XP Home.  It has a 'Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini Card'.  It works wirelessly at home but when away and trying to use WiFi access points, if I search for available networks it comes up with 'Windows cannot configure this wireless connection'.  (It also comes up with this message at home if I search for network, but works OK on whatever is I have on home set up).  I have searched on-line and found a 'fix' from Microsoft, but when I tried to use it a warning came up that 'this type of file could damage my computer' so I aborted.  

Another area I looked at explained that software other than Windows was controlling WiFi and it was not advisable to disable it.  (Presumably this was Dell software?)

I am very non PC literate and would appreciate any very simple help!!



Hi sligo123

You may find that link a bit confusing.  I suggest you enable the WZC service (this is the service Windows uses to control the wireless, as opposed to the Dell software).  Heres how:

1. Go to Start, then Run

2. In the box, type C:/Windows\system32\services.msc /s

3. Click OK

4. In the resulting window, you should have a big list of services, scroll down until you find Windows Zero Configuration - double click on it

5. In the box, make sure that in the drop-down box, Automatic is selected.  Then click the button that says Start.


Try that and then try to connect to the wireless network (you may have to reconnect to your home network)

If that doesnt help, please post back here and we can try something else.




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