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I am trying to connect via RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) from SOURCE to DESTINATION.

I allowed remote connections on DESTINATION and added couple of users who are allowed to connect remotely.
I can ping DESTINATION successfully from SOURCE.

None of the responses were failed for the command below from SOURCE
C:\> ping -l 512 -f -n 100 <DESTINATION>

Strange thing is I can remote login from DESTINATION to SOURCE but not the other way.

I do not remember doing any more settings to other machines that are being connected remotely. Only one(this DESTINATION) machine has the issue.

Any thoughts are appreciated.




On the target machine, make sure that Port 3389 is not being blocked by a firewall.  If you are using Windows Firewall, go to the Windows Firewall control panel, verify that "Don't Allow Exceptions" is not checked under the "General" tab, then click on the "Exceptions" tab and make sure there is a checkmark beside "Remote Desktop".

You can also make sure that a program is running to accept incoming remote desktop connections by bringing up a command prompt (Start -> Run -> "cmd") and entering the following command:
   netstat   -an   |    find   "3389"
If all is well, you should see the following line returned:
     TCP               LISTENING


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