Q: [Q] "No network provider accepted the given network path..." with a twist...


I recently ran into the above error message within the following environment:

- 5 XP SP3 boxes connected to a switch behind a router all on the same isolated segment. At this point the networking between the machines was flawless
- Plug in a Win2K (SP2 I think) box and as soon as I access a network resource share from any of the XP boxes I received the error message listed in the title of this post. At this point I could ping all hosts in the network (incl Win2K box) but no other network activity was possible.

After a reboot of all XP boxes and leaving the Win2K box disconnected the networking was fine again. However as soon as I connected the same Win2K box I had exactly the same behaviour. A reboot of XP boxes and the Win2K box disconnected I decided to connect another of the Win2K boxes I needed to access and exactly the same behaviour occurred.

The XP boxes were all SP3 and fully patched via Windows Update. The Win2K box(es) were from a supplier and not my boxes. They would have had Win2K installed on them about 2-3 years ago and no more patches etc. applied to them.

I would appreciate any insight into how I solve this problem or at least understand what is going on here. I have seen a wide variety of solutions on the net including "sfc /scannow" and a number of other solutions. However I am trying to understand it for my OS software installed namely XP SP3 and Win2K SP(2)? I don't believe there is malware or virus involved as both the XP and Win2K boxes were used subsequently on independent sites with no issue.

Any ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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