Q: Outlook Express 6, unable to open links within mail. Internet explorer 8 does not open. Operating system is Windows XP

Outlook express 6: when reading my email and click on a link within that email it does nothing. Is it a problem with outlook express or internet explorer? Yesterday I did an automatic update with microsoft, something to do with silverlight. Now today I cannot open links imbedded in my mail.  Please Help. I get no error messages, I just get nothing!



Hyperlinks do not work in Outlook Express or in Word (Revised 29 Apr-09)

Hyperlinks do not work in Outlook Express after you upgrade to IE7 [and/or IE8] (Revised 29 Apr-09)

If still no joy:

Courtesy of MVP Frank Saunders. [RIP]

If nothing happens when you click a link:
Open Windows Explorer, or the Control Panel.
Go to Tools | Folder Options | File Types.
Scroll down to [NONE] URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol (NOTURL:Internet Shortcut) and select it.
Click Edit or Advanced, depending on your Windows version.
Select 'open'.
Click Edit.

"Application used to perform this action" should read:

"C:\PROGRAM FILES\INTERNET EXPLORER\iexplore.exe" -nohome (Check the path to
iexplore.exe to make sure that is correct and use the double quotes.)

DDE should be checked and in the boxes below it you should have:

#3 (blank)


URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy should be the same.

If all the above is correct, uncheck: Use DDE. 

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