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For no apparent reason both shift keys on my Toshiba laptop have suddenly stopped working. Can still get Capitals if I use Caps Lock but of course then have to unlock it before I move on. Have tried plugging in a USB keyboard and the problem is just the same which makes me think that it is not a hardware problem. Have looked in device manager and it says that the keyboard driver is working correctly and when I have tried to update it says that I am using the most up to date version of driver. Does anyone have any bright ideas. Running WinXP Professional Sp3





It might be that you have by mistake turned on the sticky keys on the system.


Sticky Keys is an accessibility feature designed for people who have difficulty holding down two or more keys at a time. When a shortcut requires a key combination such as CTRL+P, StickyKeys will enable you to press one key at a time instead of pressing them simultaneously


I would suggest you to check whether the sticky keys are turned on. Follow the steps mentioned below.

a.       Click on Start and click on Control panel.

b.      Click on ‘Accessibility Options’ and in keyboard tab make sure that there is no check mark near ‘Use stickykeys’.

c.       If there is a check mark then remove it and then click on Apply.

Refer the article mentioned below.

StickyKeys: Press One Key at a Time for Key Combinations


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