Q: Computer does not recognize LaCie external hard drive when connected.

Do I just need a 'driver' from the manufacturer in order for windows to recognize it? Please help.

The device is a Lacie hard drive (250gb) purchased in 2006.   LaCie's support has provided no relevant solutions.  

I have disconnected the USB line, reconnected it with device's power on; Turned it on and off while connected, disconnected, and done all possible combinations numerous times. My computer does not recognize anything. 

I cannot find it in my computer, and the computer also does not list the device in the Device Manager utility.

I have disabled Windows Firewall.  

Both the computer with which the external drive has functioned and the one which currently does not recognize it are windows XP (2008) model computers.

Thank you very much for your help.



Thank you for replying.

In the meantime and after reviewing all similar posts, it turned out that finding the 'live' usb for the device did the trick.

So to others with similar problems, try the usb leads on the back of the computer (all), and restarting with the connection there. 

This worked for me.

Thank you again for the reply !!

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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