"Cannot Complete the CD Writing Wizard" CD won't copy files

CD writing wizard says "There is an error in the writing process..."  However when I copy photos from Adobe Photoshop it works fine. 

I went out and bought new CDs (Sony CD Rs)

Appreciate your help.

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Perhaps your drive doen't support the burning speed, or perhaps you have the wrong speed selected?
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Sorry this didn't help.

It usually automatically calculates the writing speed when it prepares to copy.  In this case, it doesn't even get that far, that is to the screen asking for a writing speed.  As soon as I enter the name of the proposed new CD I get the message "Cannot Complete the CD WRiting Wizard.....there was an error in the writing process."  I've checked the defrag, disc clean up, uninstalled Real Player as it opened mysteriously when I try to write to a CD. 

Any ideas you think will help?

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Sorry this didn't help.

Before trying any of the other options listed below, read these two articles and try the suggestions on them.



The article above ^^ points out something interesting. In order to burn a cd, windows will make a mirror image of that list and you will need 1 Gigabyte plus of space availible on your hardrive. Does your hardrive have about 2 gigs of space left?

Try unintstalling the wizard and reinstalling it... Oh and as for the REALplayer, did you install it around the time these problems started occurring?

Hmmm, this doesn't sound like malware or spyware... but it never hurts to check.

If you do not thave decent programs here are two free ones that will help:


This will check for malware.


You can download the free version and it will check for spyware as well.

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Sorry this didn't help.