Q: Where can I download clipbrd.exe.?

recently had to do a from scratch install using install disk purchased from microsoft Im running Windows xp sp2. have searched my computer and yes, checked all spellings etc not there . cheked install disk the system32 file that should contain clipbrd.exe doesnt have it.



It should be there:

To open the ClipBook Viewer
  1. Right-click your desktop, point to New, and then click Shortcut.

  2. In the location field, type %windir%\system32\clipbrd.exe. Click Next.

  3. Click Finish.

  4. Now you can double-click the clipbrd shortcut on your desktop to launch the ClipBook Viewer.


clipbrd.exe could be in any of the following folders 
C:\I386 (If you have this folder)
(and possibly C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\I386)


If it's not installed,

Go to Control Panel - Add / Remove;
add / remove Windows Components;
Accessories and Utilities / Accessories section.

Clicking on Details gives the list including Clipboard Viewer and it should already be checked, if installed.
Otherwise, if it's unchecked, tick it and OK all the way and it should install and appear as stated before
under the normal Accessories heading, in Start / All Programs / Accessories / Clipboard.

[Control Panel
Add /Remove
Add/Remove Windows Components
Accessories and Utilities (Details)
Accessories (Details)]

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