Q: Can't delete, view properties, rename mp3 file which has a long filename. I'm frustrated to solve it.

I downloaded a mp3 song but I can't play it either delete it . When I right clicked it, 'copy, cut, create shortcut, rename, delete, properties' options are not shown on the context menu. It has a long filename but I couldnt rename it. I highlighted the file and clicked the 'file' option on the top left of the did show those missing options but they gave no respond when I clicked on them. Then, i downloaded a 'shredder utility' and used it on the mp3 file....When I click delete, it begun to delete those files and folders in the recycle bin, So, I found out that the mp3 is like the 'shortcut' which lead to the recycle bin...It annoyed me for a long time and I hope any experts here can solve my problem....Any way the I can upload picture so that you can understand what I'm actually talking about?

Boot up in safe mode and see if it will delete. If not, give these tools a try also in save mode.




Unlocker File Remover


Alternate download sites.

Download from FileHippo

Download from CNET

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I've tried to delete it in safe mode but this method not worked....and Unlocker File Remover also failed to delete it. I was unable to select the mp3 file in fileAssassin because the filename is too long....and it said invalid.

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Down load the free program 7Zip and this program will allow to rename the file,

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Seems like this can happen when the file is in a folder with a really long name (such as an album folder for an album with a long title).

Back up one folder and rename the folder containing the MP3 to a shorter name. Then you should be able to rename the MP3 itself. That worked for me.

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