Icons on my desktop no longer have see-through titles. They are boxed with the color from my desktop, although I have a photo as my desktop.

kingvito asked on
It looks awful, but all my icons now have a color box around the titles.  i am using an active desktop photo.  Normally icon titles have a clear background so they blend in better with the desktop.  These look awful and I am at my wits end on how to fix it.  PLEAS HELP.
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cybertek replied on

Hello kingvito

1. Right-click My Computer/Properties

Click the Advanced tab  

Click the Settings button in the Performance panel.

Click the Visual Effects tab  

Put a check at “Use drop shadows”


2. Right-click on the desktop/Properties

Click the Desktop tab

Click the Customized Desktop button.

Click the Web tab in

Make sure nothing is checked in the Web pages list. 

Make sure the “Lock desktop items” checkbox is not checked.

If you are using a Web page I don`t know of any way around your problem

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