Q: Windows Update error code: 80096001

I'm using Windows Vista 32 bit Home Basic

A few weeks ago my computer became infected with what I believe was a rootkit virus.  The Java logo appeared onscreen right after I opened a news site and I could hear my hard drive was very active.  I had AVG Internet Security 2011 running and it was updated.  AVG detected the intrusion, quarantined it but the computer was still infected.  I rebooted in safe mode and did a full system scan with AVG and noticed many files were skipped because they were "locked".  I tried scanning with TDSSKiller and Malwarebytes Anti Malware but both programs would abruptly close a few seconds after I started a scan.  I rebooted in normal mode and tried scanning with TDSS Killer, Malwarebytes and AVG and all 3 programs would close a few seconds after I started a scan and none of them would update.  I noticed the .exe files for Malwarebytes and TDSS had the icon from “User Accounts” in the control panel superimposed in the lower left-hand corner of their icons and I couldn’t rename or delete or move the .exe.  Downloading new programs and renaming them didn’t help.  I loaded my most recent restore point and reinstalled Malwarebytes and TDSS and they both worked and cleared a registry entry but nothing else.  Windows update and AVG both would not update.  I downloaded and installed AVG 2012 in place of 2011 and it works perfectly but I still cannot use Windows Update.  Right after I click “Check for updates” it says “code 80096001”.  I tried every method except method 7 and 11 here:  I believe there are still some residual effects of this virus preventing me from using Windows Update.  Maybe it corrupted or removed a crucial file?  Is there some way to uninstall and reinstall Windows Update since that seemed to work for my other programs?  Sorry for the long story but I wanted to be thorough.



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Please see the following article with some troubleshooting:

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