Q: Word Processor Won't Open. I Keep Getting Two Error Messages. I'll provide more detail belows. (Here's 1 -Microsoft Works Word Processor: WksWP.exe -Bad Image) This thread is locked from future replies

I have Windows 7 Premium that was already installed on the computer.  I have no problems with opening any other programs, but Microsoft Works Word Processor.  The first error message states: "C:\PROGRA~2\MICROS~1\wkwpqd.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.  Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support."  When i click "OK"  a message pops up stating, "Word cannot access one or more files it needs to run the Word Processor.  The files may have been renamed, deleted, or moved.  Try reinstalling works, and then starting the program again."

I have already tried to run the program in compatibility mode with no success.  Any help would be appreciated.





Well that's a problem. The only supported solution (unless you have a
Complete PC Backup) is to reset the computer to factory settings which will
lose all your files and any software you installed. Fairly drastic.
You can try this. Find Works in Start - Control Panel (click Classic on the
left hand side) - Programs and Features. There should be a Repair button on
the little toolbar above list when Works is selected.
You can look on the D drive (or whatever drive is the restore drive - it
could be hidden) to see if that file exists as a standalone file.
If someone you know also has Works you can steal the file from them.
"C. Angel" wrote in message news:578ce9dc-9971-4ba1-bcef-e93bcd9f1cf5...
> This software was already installed on the computer, hence, I have no cd
> rom to reinstall it.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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