Q: Thumbnails for JPEG images won't display in Windows Explorer

I am running Vista Business 32 bit, Service Pack 1.

This is a brand new problem that occurred after 2 years of normal functioning.   I hadn't done any management of JPG files for some some weeks and had downloaded several regular MS updates, but added or removed no other programs.

And now I can no longer see previews of my JPEG files in Windows Explorer - whether  I choose tiled view, or small, medium or large icons.   Only the generic "picture" icon appears.  This is also true if I try to use gMail to upload a file and browse for it.

However, the Slide show function works normally and Windows Photo Gallery works normally and shows all the pictures - but neither is a file management tool.  Photos also open normally in programs such as Photoshop. 

I checked System Properties under Performance Options/Visual Effects and checked "show previews and filters in folder" and then "apply" - but this had no effect.  I checked the file association and selected Windows Photo Gallery as the default.  This also had no effect.

Not being able to preview and rename Photo files in Win Explorer/My Computer is a serious problem for me.  Any help would be appreciated.



Try checking Control Panel/ Folder Options/ View, "Always show icons. never thumbnails", see if that needs unticking?

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