Q: socket error 11001 and error no Ox800CCC0D

what does socket error 11001 and error no. 0x800CCC0D mean and how can I fix this. Everytime I log into windows mail I  get this message.   Its not affecting my in-coming emails but cannot send any messages out, also causig problems getting into windows mail



Thanks t.

my mistake putting .au in post,shows how tired i am. I wish it were that easy.

account was/is set up ok without the .au

am able to send at least. now to fix the receive........

Check the Account Name under General tab of your account properties window;
1. It must be the same as your e-mail address.
2. It can be EITHER
    *** Email address is removed for privacy ***     ( without .au )
or,*** Email address is removed for privacy ***  ( with .au but NOT .com )
but not combination of both.

You have Account: ''.  I think that is why error message said : host  '' could not be found.

t-4-2 ... keep on guessing.

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Sorry this didn't help.

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