How do you use the Exp fundtion on the windows calculator

jbmlevu asked on
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How do you use the Exp function in the windows calculator for the following

Exponential to the power negative 0.5


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Mecalith replied on

I did not. 
I could not find an e = 2.71828183 key on the windows calculator.
I used Google's built-in calculator function.

On the windows calculator you would have to enter:
 2.71828183 [x^y] (-0.5)=
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Oliver Slay replied on
In Windows Calculator...

Make sure the calculator is in Scientific View.  View->Scientific (or Alt-2)

For 20e^(-0.5) .. type:

20 followed by the 'Inv' button... this changes all the buttons to their inverse... Now you will see an 'e^x' button ... press that followed by 0.5 and '+/-' 


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