Q: Error 2503 called runscript when not marked in progress

Unable to add or remove programs, always get this - "error 2503 called runscript when not marked in progress" The date on Windows Vista SP2 is set correctly.  I believe this error initially occurred during installation of a program upgrade.  I have also set file permissions to show hidden files per one suggestion. I am at a standstill, any help is appreciated.



Hi ALSJeff,

Ø  Which program are you trying to install or uninstall?

This issue occurs if the system date is incorrect. Since, you have already tried that, you  may try the following steps.

Step 1

Use the windows clean up utility to uninstall programs and then install the required programs.

Step 2

Try to enable to built-in administrator account and check if you are able to install or uninstall programs successfully.

Try these steps and let us know the result.

Bindu S -- Microsoft Support
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