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I recently updated from a 320GB to a 500GB hardrive and now upon performing a recovery I can not longer get Windows Update to work. I get the response "Windows could not search for new updates. Error Code 8024A000. I am using Vista x64, Build 6001 with SP1. I have followed the instructions in the following thread but it does not work. I have been unable to find other threads which do work. Can you offer any advise.



After you'd upgraded the hard-drive & then did the clean install of Vista SP1, you should have (a) uninstalled the Norton free-trialware AND THEN (b) downloaded/run the Norton Removal Tool (c) BEFORE you installed the McAfee application AND BEFORE you installed any updates (including IE upgrades).

Since you didn't, there's a very good chance that the McAfee application never installed or has ever worked properly since 09 February 2012 (no matter how many times you uninstalled/reinstalled it).

OPTION A: Free unlimited installation and compatibility support remains available (at least for now) for issues related to Windows Vista Service Packs. Availability of chat or e-mail support differs depending on your geographic location. Some issues may require more advanced support for which there is a charge:

OPTION B (Recommended): You may be seeing the effects of a longstanding & ongoing hijackware infection, possibly compounded by a rootkit (or bootkit) infection.  See...

   • Cleaning a Compromised System

Then see the (my) ANSWER post in this thread and follow those instructions (to-the-letter and in order!) to return your computer to a secure & functional state:


Repost: The computer should NOT be connected to the internet or any local networks (i.e., other computers) in its current state. All of your personal data (e.g., online banking & credit-card passwords) should be considered at-risk, if not already compromised.

Wish I'd had better news for you. Good luck!

~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
Microsoft MVP (Windows Client) since October 2002

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