why has vista stopped automatic updates?

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Vista will no longer automatically update. Nothing I've attempted works to fix the issue.

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(Revised 6-13-2017)

The Vista Update Search issue gets triggered by applicability of at least one of the following updates for a given installation: KB4015195, KB3191203, KB3185911, KB3087039, the Cumulative Security Update for IE9, Excel and Word related Security Updates for Compatibility Pack SP3, Office 2007 and Office 2010.

An installation can be made ineligible for the issue by manually preinstalling all applicable of the following:

KB4015195 (applies unconditionally)        Download 32-bit         Download 64-bit

KB4012583 (equivalent to KB3191203)    Download 32-bit         Download 64-bit

KB3205638 (equivalent to KB3185911)    Download 32-bit         Download 64-bit

KB4015380 (equivalent to KB3203859,     Download 32-bit         Download 64-bit

         KB3164033, KB3140735 and KB3087039)

KB4014661 (IE 9 only)                                  Download 32-bit         Download 64-bit   

KB3191830 (Compatibility Pack SP3)         Download      

KB3203438 (Compatibility Pack SP3)new Download

KB3191827 (Excel 2007)                               Download

KB3203441 (Word 2007)              new        Download

KB3203464 (Word 2010)              new        Download 32-bit        Download 64-bit

KB3191847 (Excel 2010)                               Download 32-bit        Download 64-bit

Set automatic updates to "Never check for updates" and reboot prior to manual installation.

Regards, VZ

There is currently no workaround for this issue. However, if you print the entire web, it will print correctly.
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