Q: Stuck in the "Windows Error Recovery" loop.

Every time I turn on my Gateway laptop I get the "Windows Error Recovery" screen.  No matter which choice I choose, I only end up back at this screen.  On the advice of a professional, I dug out my recovery dvd (created using my laptop soon after purchase) and attempted to use it.  I have tried many different ways of using the recovery disc but can't find one that works (pressing "R", F10, F8, F12, Alt. F10).  I know I must be missing something......How do you use the recovery disc???


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you boot from it

to boot from the dvd drive at power on you will see at the bottom of the screen a way to enter setup bios or boot order menu

it would be F2 or delete etc to enter bios setup or F12 etc for boot menu

change boot order there to make dvd drive 1st in boot order adn thern boot from the recovery disk

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