Q: error code 0x570

I am currently using windows vista on my laptop, Startup repair reported it had found a bug,
   Root cause found
   Unknown bugcheck: Bugcheck 50. Parameters = 0xffbae296,0x0,0x814ca8ee,0x0
   Repair action System Restore
   Result failed,Error code = 0x570
 time taken = 164503ms
 Repair action+ system files integrity check and repair
  Result failed,error code = 0x570
  Time taken = 152834ms
The message above appeared on my screen, I am not a tech man and wondered if someone could help with this. I noticed recently that some windows updates will not install. I have Norton 360 and PCHELPER 360.both seem to be working well.Iwould appreciate help on this.

Hi Wayne,


I appreciate if you could help me with more information.


1.      Are you able to boot to the desktop?

2.      Did you make and changes on the computer prior to this issue?

3.      When exactly do you receive this error message?

4.      Are you initiating startup repair or the computer starts it automatically?

5.      What happens when you try to install updates? Do you receive any error message/code?


Reply with more information to help you better.




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Sorry this didn't help.

Thanks for the quick response,Here are my answers to your questions,
 Yes i can reboot my computer desktop.
No changes though i did install 360 helper, However this was before i had this problem.
I receive the error messages after my computer crashes,This happened during normal search activity or when i try to download updates.
The computer startup repair activates itself automatically.
Some install no problem though one or two fail, those that fail are the same each time,( error code 80070673,code 64C,) and the code 0x570 after my computer has crashed . 
Something happened today Windows tried to install a missing driver update that also failed although the message i received surprised me ( The installation was cancelled by the user) I cannot recall cancelling the installation at all. The message was displayed 3 times.
all scans by Norton and 360 Helper show no problems,Toshiba system scan has pass on all checks.
I appreciate your help and hope it will help other users.

                             Wayne G Flatt 

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Hi Wayne,


I would suggest that you uninstall the Norton 360 and check if the computer still continues to crash.


You may also perform a Clean boot and check if any third party application is causing a conflict for the issue to occur.


How to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot a problem in Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista



Note : Ensure to follow the steps from the article after the troubleshooting to set the computer to start in Normal mode


To troubleshoot the issue with the Windows updates, refer the link and follow the steps.


Unable to install updates in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2



Let us know the result after trying these methods.


Vinod Archak
Forum Moderator

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Many thanks for your help, ''My problem is now solved the instructions you gave me worked a treat, Its worked well and i'll keep you updated. Once again  many thanks i appreciate your quick response in helping me.

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