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hi i have a hp pavillion amdx2 running vista64bit that wont boot past the hp splash screen into vista [get a black screen flashing rectangle top left] problem occurred after mistakinly using vga on mot.board instead of installed  vid card/ after it loaded vista nomally the screen scrambled and i shut it down with power button on case/ upon restart it went to windows encountered a problem screen, i picked the start normally option resulting in the issue stated above.[PS- I cant access the recovery screen thru the F? KEYS,It will only allow access to the bios] // i dont have the recovery cd for this computer but do have recovery cds for a compaq 32bit vista [amdx2] and a pavillion quad core[intell] vista64bit, along with a unused wind. 7 upgrade cd and a microsoft oem xppro cd// my question is can any of these be used to perform a start up repair on the damaged desktop,was hoping this would allow me to retain the recovery partition on the hard drive and still permit me to make the recovery cds that were not made prior// my appreciation for your advisement


Manufacturer's Recovery disks normally do not have Repair options; they are to do a clean install.

And no, the XP disk is not for Vista Repairs.


The Recover to Factory Settings method for your HP is to press F11 repeatedly at Boot.

But that will take it back to how it was when new, which, by what you say, used the Onboard Graphics.

By reading your question, you have installed a different Graphics Card.

Did the original Graphics get damaged?


See if this assists you:

Do a System Restore in Safe Mode to before the problem started.


How to access Safe Mode




If it doesn't, try a Startup Repair and / or a System Restore using a Microsoft Vista DVD

Manufacturers Recovery Disks do not normally have Repair Options; thay are normally a reinstall to Factory Settings option only.


Here is the guide to using the Repair Options while using a Microsoft Vista DVD.

If a friend or work acquantance of yours has one, you may borrow and use it for Repairs.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of the Windows Vista Repair options
  2. How to perform an automatic repair of Windows Vista using Startup Repair
  3. Advanced Tools overview
  4. Conclusion


If you do not have or can not borrow a Microsoft DVD there is a download of a Vista Startup Repair ISO file available which you can make into a Bootable disk to do the above Startup Repair and that method is recommended by a lot of posters in these Forums.

Unfortunately, you have to buy it.

Here is a link to it:



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