Q: Why won't Windows Media Player play my CDs?

I'm having a problem with my Windows Media Player. It won't play my CDs. At first I thought it was just the CD with it having scratches on it. I tried another one and nothing. I popped in a DvD just to test it. Oddly enough, it played. I then tried to install a more current version just to see if that was it. I find out I'm running to most current version. Can anyone help me out?




Are you getting any error message when you try to play from CD’s?

What is the format of the files that you are trying to play?

·         Have you noticed the same with music files on your hard  drive?

·         Do you have any third party multimedia players installed?

To know more about the types of files supported by Windows media player you can refer the article below.

Information about the Multimedia file types that Windows Media Player supports

Also try to run automated tool fixit included in the link below and check if you are able to play the files from the CD.

Troubleshoot problems with CDs or DVDs

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