error message C00D11C6 while trying to watch videos online using Windows Media Player

Original title: You've encountered error message C00D11C6 while using Windows Media Player. Additional information is not currently available for this error.__Original Error Code Original Error Message 8007000E Ran out of memory.

Went to watch a youtube clip on wmp11, ie file url, and got error message saying computer is low on memory, please close other programmes. Did this, maxed my page file etc still not working. So can i open a web url link in wmp11?? thanks
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-      How long have you had this issue?

-      Did you make any software changes on the computer prior to the issue?

-      Do you have any third-party codecs installed on your computer?

-      Does the error message occur only while playing online videos?


In the meantime, download and install MPEG-2 DVD decoders and check if that helps in fixing the issue:


Supported software MPEG-2 DVD decoders in Windows Media Player for Windows XP and Windows Vista


Also visit Windows Media Player Solution Center

Gokul - Microsoft Support

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Since reinstalling vista with the disks i ordered from hp. Factory reinstall with origional disks etc. I have no 3rd party codecs. Only when trying to access a web page from wmp11. Your solution has not rectified the matter. thanks

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Sorry this didn't help.