Cannot "Generate System Health Report" (i.e., TIME-OUT problem)

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit OS (on enthusiast-built hardware).

My problem: When I go to Control Panel / System and Maintenance / Performance Information and Tools / AdvancedTools and click onGenerate a System Health Report , it does the following:

1. Collecting Data for 60 seconds... (as normal)

2. Generating Report... (as normal)

3. "Error: An error occurred while attempting to generate a report", also "The wait for the report generation tool has timed-out ."


Here is a montage|screenshot of each of these as they appeared to me:


After researching on the internet, I did the following:

1. I opened the command prompt and ran as administrator, to do the System File Checker (i.e., sfc /verifyonly" and "sfc /scannow"). When it discovered an integrity problem with a file called "mpssvc.dat" it repaired it. I ran the scanner several times, once with the Vista DVD in the drive (but it apparently didn't need it, and got it from some 'store' on the hard drive), and fixed what it found. The last scan revealed no problem with "mpssvc.dat", which was apparently related to "C:\windows\System32\LogFiles\Firewall" (though the exact address it gave was way too long and I didn't write it down. Firewall is interesting, though--the last Update to my machine was for Windows Defender, which is tied-in with the firewall, and seemed to have had some problem installing at the time (this past week), though everything with Defender appears to be running fine.

2. I used the Windows Vista DVD to do a Repair, and also check the hardware|memory. No problems there.


I have no idea what is causing the System Health Report to fail (i.e., TIME-OUT), nor do I know how to increase the time-out (if that is what is needed...?) This June saw a lot of Microsoft Updates (around June 10th; with a Definition Update on the 11th, too), and a new Defender update this week. The only thing I've experienced prior to not being able to Generate A Health Report was a curious glitch after watching videos online through the browser--every time I watch a video online, if I do not move the mouse, everything lapses into a locked gui and goes to the Password Screen. It's like going into screensaver mode without a screensaver (and my screensaver has been set to "none"). This goes away, however, when I go back in and re-apply the "none" setting for the screensaver (in the desktop properties area). So, my thinking is, is something related to the "TIME-OUT".

Could Windows Defender have been installed to where it works, but was installed in a way that messed up something? Would an uninstall and re-install of Defender help?

My Reliability and Performance Index is currently 9.09. (seems it always drops when I get a Microsoft Update--and the index was 9.80 on the 14th). Somewhere between the last batch of Microsoft Updates (and Defender Update) and now...was when the System Health Report quit generating.

Any ideas? How do I get my System Health Reports generating again? What do I do about this time-out thing?


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Hello EyeAmSMF,

Give a try with the following:

Step 1:

Check if the below services are started or not:

a.    Performance Logs and Alerts.

b.   Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support.

Step 2:


TryReliability and Performance Monitor, which will allow you to generate and view a report which is as similar to data/report view as when initiating the report from Control Panel | Performance Information and Tools | Advanced Tools | Generate a system health report.

While inside the Reliability and Performance Monitor:

1.    Expand the ‘Data Collection Sets’ folder;

2.    Right click on ‘User Defined’;

a.    Select ‘New’,

b.    Select ‘Data Collector Set’,

c.    Provide a name for the new data collector set,

                                         i.    Ensure that ‘Create from a template’ is selected,

                                        ii.    Click ‘Next’,

                                       iii.    Choose ‘System Diagnostic’ or ‘System Performance’ (Membership in Local Administrators group, or equivalent, is the minimum required to run this Data Collector Set.),

                                       iv.    Click ‘Finish’.

d.    Right click the new collection set,

e.    Click ‘Start’.

To view the data graphically or in the report format:

1.    Expand the ‘Reports’ folder;

2.    Expand the ‘User Defined’ folder;

3.    Expand the name of the newly created collection set;

a.    There should be two reports inside the folder displaying year/month/date and serial # of report,

                                         i.    The first is the graphical display,

                                        ii.    The second will be in the report format.

b.    Click on the second report to view.


Savan – Microsoft Support.

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