Can I Cancel Defragmentation? __

I have a laptop with 250 gb hd. Haven't defragged in over a year, and I have almost filled the drive and then moved a lot of files to an ext. hd, several times, so it should be well overdue for a defrag.


Vista Defragmenter analyzed and told me there was no need for a defrag.


I started the Defrag anyway, and that was about 5 hours ago and it's still going.


This is the 2nd and last time I will ever use the Vista Defragmenter - the only other time I did it took overnight before it turned off, probably 12 hours or more.


My questions are:


1) Is it okay to click "Cancel Defragmentation".


I saw someone in a thread in a forum state that it is okay to turn it off at anytime by design.


Somone in another forum thread said never to turn it off.


Help please. I would like to turn it off now. Any chance of doing damage/losing data/other problems if I do turn it off?


2) Can I use the computer while it is defragging? At least for web surfing?

I haven't used the computer since I started the defrag, but got on it now to post this and research this issue.


3) Why do you think it said that I don't need defrag, and then when I choose to defrag anyway it's not done after 4 -5 hours?


4) I read in a thread somewhere that anytime the computer is used during a defrag, causes the defrag to restart!

Any truth to this?


General comment - Vista Defragmenter is awful. There's no excuse for not giving a progress bar and/or visuals.

Is it running at all? Will it be 5 more minutes or 18 hours or never before it's done?


Please help - I'm hoping it's okay to Cancel the Defrag. so I can use the computer now, and will only use a defrag. with visuals in the future (was happy with the one in XP).


Thank you Lorien for your detailed response, and thanks to all who contributed.

I ended up NOT stopping the defrag. When I got up the next day it had completed the defrag. When I went to sleep it was already over 12 hours that it had been running.


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