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i have been having a problem with the WIFI on my toshiba laptop. 

for some reason it all of a sudden decided it didn't want to connect to or find any wifi networks. when i try to solve the problem, i keep getting told that the 'windows wireless service' is turned off, when i click to turn it back on i get told that it didn't fix the problem. i also looked under windows mobility center, however there is not trace of my wifi. there used to be.

i have tried a lot of things to get it to work, i have changed my wifi card. i have made sure the wifi switch is on.

i came onto the 'microsoft answers' to search for any advice, i found one link that helped:

i followed the suggestions listed, however when i followed the

 WLAN autoconfig instructions.  i changed the start up type to automatic (as instructed) and clicked start i got an error message stating 'Windows  could not start the WLAN autoconfig service on local computer. Error 126: the specified module could not be found. 


What should i do now?


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It might be that the Vendor's Wireless Utility is loaded too and switches Off Windows WLAN.


Assuming that the Router's Wireless is configured correctly that there is a strong signal and the Wireless card on the Computer is physically on.

Maybe this can Help.

Go over these steps and tell us where the breaking point is.

Check the Device Manager for valid Wireless card entry.

If there is No valid entry, delete any Bogus Entry, and re-install the Wireless card's Drivers.

Check the Network connections to make sure that you have a Wireless Network Connection Icon/Entry, and that the Properties of the Icon (right click on the Icon) are correctly configured with TCP/IPv4 protocol in the Network Connections Properties.


Many Wireless cards' drivers also install the vendor's Wireless utility.

Make sure that if there is a vendor's Wireless Utility thes Not Running together with the Windows native Wireless utility (WLAN Service) .


Make sure that No Firewall is preventing/blocking the Wireless components to get to the Network.

Some 3rd party Software Firewalls/AV/Security suit,s keep blocking aspects of Local Traffic even it they are turned Off (disabled).

If possible configure the Firewall /Security suit correctly, otherwise totally uninstall it, and get rid of its residual processes to allow clean flow of local network traffic.

If the 3rd party software is uninstalled or disables, make sure that Windows native Firewall is On .

3rd party Network mangers like Bonjour, and NetMagic can block local traffic too.


Working TCP/IP stack should look this way.

Right click on the Wire card Network Connection, choose Status, Details, and see if it got an IP and the rest of the settings.

Description is the card manufacturing data.

Physical address is the card's MAC number.

The xx should be a number from 0 to 255 (all xx same number).

yy should be from 0 to 255

zz should be from 0 to 255 (all zz the same number.

The lease date should be valid to the current time.

*Note 1. IP that starts with is not valid functional IP.

*Note 2. There might be an IPv6 entries too. However, they are not functional for Internet traffic or LAN. They are needed for Win 7 special HomeGroup configuration.


A message in the Wireless little Window that says Connected does not means that your are really have a valid functional connection.

If everything above is OK you have to be able to connect to the Router.

Connecting to the Router means that you can enter the Router's core IP into an address bar of a browse, be able to connect, see, and configure the Router's menus.

If it does not connecting to the Router, log from any computer that can connect to Wireless Router with a Wire, disable the Wireless Security, make sure that the Wireless broadcast SSID is On,  and try to connect with No Wireless security.

Enable the Wireless security after you mange to establish a functional connection.


Jack - Microsoft MVP, Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET
Jack MVP, Microsoft Windows Desktop Experience-Networking.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.


everything works up to the point of trying the tcp/ip stack. 

i can't look at the status of my device. 

i am using windows firewall and that is allowing the device access. 

my anti virus software is set to allow network activity from my wireless card. 

my wire connection works perfectly, its just the wireless that doesn't, and when i click 'diagnose and repair it tells me to start windows wireless service still.


when talking about the vendors wireless utility, i have one loaded on my system called 'configfree' this is currently off and it has made no change to my wireless connecting abilities. 


any advice


Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

This doesn't fix it. I don't know which software it was that took the wlan autoconfig out in services, however nothing I've tried has managed to restart the service, it simply keep pumping out "Error 126: The specified module could not be found"
There MUST be a fix for this or a workaround, I've tried two different wireless adapters, both of which the device manager insists are working correctly, and I've now a 40' ethernet cable really aggravating the wife running to the router to try and fix this problem.
Every other laptop, PS3 and android phone finds the wireless network beautifully and the LAN connection to this PC works fine.
It's WIndows 7 that is the issue. How can I force this service, wlan autoconfig to restart without this vague and unhelpful error code killing me every time?
I assume there may be a .dll file missing somewhere maybe? I am not going to re-install windows, I thought that rubbish was supposed to be a thing of the past and I'm already sick of having the side of this new PC now.
(Hardware tried = Netgear WG311t, Netgear WN111) Anybody thinks that it's this kit is WRONG, it is confirmed working in another PC (The usb dongle anywho)
So, anybody from Microsoft care to forward a solution?

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Sorry this didn't help.

Hi Jeremy
At least you are getting annoyed with how useful the Microsoft 'Experts' are being too. as you can see i have waited since February for a response and have had no such luck. the problem is being unable to start the windows wireless service, i'm currently running vista on my laptop and it is no different, i have been dealing with Ethernet cables since before Christmas now because of the poor advice from Microsoft. 
i have found that the problem is the WLAN autoconfig in my registry, however i am yet to find a way to repair it without repairing/reinstalling windows.
I will update you if i find anything useful. 

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Sorry this didn't help.

They either can't be bothered as it's only affecting a few users or genuinely don't know how to fix their own software, I've tried emailing the tech support teams but they don't want to know, refer to ringing a pay per call number, I don't think so. I can re-install windows myself thank you, all I want is pointing as what this service uses to start, and a simple file replacement. If it is more complicated than that, then fine, but I want an answer that doesn't cost me money.

And yes, I agree, I'm getting annoyed with it now too.


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Sorry this didn't help.

I know this is an old post however, if anyone is still looking I had to copy all the files named NDIS*.SYS from a "good" version of Windows 7 over to the system that was having the issue. Once I did this everything started working. The files keep getting corrupt randomly so I occasionally have to do this on that system as I have not been able to find the root cause of the corruption.

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Sorry this didn't help.

I'm trying to reconnect my old Toshiba laptop for my daughter. It seems to be having the same problem as listed here. It will go online using an ethernet cable but not with the wireless any more. It states it is connected, lists our network, but will not open up.  Now, I am not well versed in computer-ese - I checked all the stuff listed above and I seem to be good down to this one. Question. Can I just delete my Windows 7 and reinstall it. I got lost here. Does anyone mind helping me - putting it into computer kindergarten language? 

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Sorry this didn't help.

Hello debbie420

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