Q: Quicktime error -43: a file could not be found when trying to open Quicktime file from a network drive


I have Windows XP with service pack 3.  I have my Windows machine on a network with a Mac.  I can connect to the Mac as a network place, but when I try and open ProRes Quicktime movies over the network place on the PC, I encounter the following error:

-43: a file could not be found when trying to open Quicktime file

Oddly enough, when I mount a MS-DOS formatted drive on my Mac, load it with ProRes Quicktime movies, and then access that drive as a network place on the PC, the files open and play without any problems.



Hi Verdais,

I’m assuming that you’ve used both native file structures.

In short, you cannot access your Mac file system (
HFS+) from Windows Vista (NTFS), and vice versa. The reason being is that they are (2) different, and proprietary, file structures. If you are using Boot Camp the Mac installation should be able to "see" the Windows files, but will be unable to write to any of them.

Please see the following from Apple's Boot Camp 2.0 FAQ:


Question: My Microsoft Windows volume appears on the desktop when I'm started up in Mac OS X, but I can't rename it or copy files to it.

Answer: If the Windows volume was formatted using NTFS, Mac OS X can read it but not write files to it or rename it.

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