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Ok I have a Windows Vista Home Premium HP laptop conneting to a HP Desktop  via a wireless network. I have an HP 1300 and Kodak AIO 5500 connected to the desktop. I originally had trouble adding printers to the laptop see my other post ( finally got the printers to add. I had not used my laptop in a while and needed to add a new printer to the laptop so went to do so and my printers had disappeared! When I went to reconnect them I had the same problem as before! Please help with getting printers set up and making sure they don't disappear.

any help woul be appreciated.


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Make sure print spooler service and the dependency service for print spooler services is set to automatic and started.


To start print spooler services and set it to automatic, follow the steps below.


1. Right click on My Computer (Computer on Vista) and select Manage

2. In the console that opens, pull down the Services menu and applications

3. Click on Services

4. Double-click on the Print Spooling key

5. In the "General" tab, go to Startup Type

6. Set the value to Automatic, Manual or Disabled

7. To enable or disable the print spooler service immediately, click Stop or Start

8. Click Apply and restart the computer.


After you restart the computer verify if you can add the printer and try to print.


Also you may try to access the link below and run the fix it program.


In addition to the above steps try to access HP website and verify for any updated drivers. If you find any updated drivers download and install the same.  


If the issue persists, reply with the following details:


1. Do you receive any error during adding printer stage?

2. Did you make any changes on your computer, before this issue occurred?


Hope it helps.


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Ok I finally got around to trying this solution. I had not wanted to reboot the system after having spent so long getting the printers to show up. Anyway a system update made it necessary. I tried the do what you suggested with the print spooler. It had already been on automatic. But i tried to change it and reboot but my printers were still gone. when I try to add the printers I get an error saying that access is denied to the printer though it can be seen on the network. all other computers running xp and vista business can connect to the printer on the desktop and they do not disappear. The only computer to have a problem is my vista home premium laptop.

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I had this same problem.  I would change step 7 to read: Click on Stop.  Then click on Start.  Then close all the Services boxes and check for your printers.  That worked for me!  Thank you!

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Kudos!  Restarting the print spooler not only brought my printers back, but also brought back Firefox (which had been hanging during startup).  Weird.

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Good to know that the issue is resolved.
Thanks for sharing the information with us.
Let us know if you face any issues with Windows in future.

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Well, almost resolved...

It turns out that I have to do the restart every time I re-IPL the box.  Weird.

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