Q: I lose internet connection randomly but never lose my wireless network connection.

I use an hp pavilion dv9500 with 64bit vista sp2 and built in wireless adapter that will randomly drop my wireless internet connection but maintains my wireless network connection with an excellent signal strength.

My fix (not permanent)
I know how to reconnect to the internet but it requires me to diagnose an repair my connection. it will then display "cannot communicate to primary dns server (" after which it gives "solutions to try" that never work and a "reset ip address" button which i click. the repairing bar will fill up half way and go to a new solution screen that shows more "solutions" and a "reset wireless adapter" button which i click. the repairing bar will fill and then display that windows cannot fix the problem and go to help. I then manually disconnect from the wireless network and my computer will automatically reconnect to the network and internet. This takes about five minutes to fix but happens so often that it is getting annoying. The process will not work if i only reset the ip address then disconnect from network, only reset the wireless adapter then disconnect, or just disconnect from the network and reconnect. Requires me to reset ip address and wireless adapter then disconnect from network.

The internet connection will tend to disconnect when i watch many youtube videos, when i download large files like a game from steam, or just randomly when i use it. I will use it for long time and it may not drop, but sometimes it will drop ten minutes after i had just reconnected from a drop. It happens randomly with no warning other than that download times will drop from around 2 mb to 50kb in two seconds or stops loading a youtube video when i'm watching it.

I have looked everywhere for an answer but it is like it is a problem that is new to all humanity or im just the only one who doesn't know how to fix it because there are no forums or faqs that even touch on my problem. It is not so much a serious problem as an irritating problem that pops up at inconvenient times or when i just want to relax and watch a video. It takes a while to reconnect and even though i know how to it would be better if my connection would just stay connected to the internet at all times.

I have no idea of what the problem might be as whenever i search for it i never get related problems. any advice or solution would be great.

Also i share this modem with three other commonly used computers: one desktop wired connection and two other laptops that both are connected wireless. both of the other laptops do not have the same problem as mine. My router is a linksys e3000 wireless router.



Hi DustinMoor3,

Follow the troubleshooting steps posted by Shekhar (marked as the answer) in this thread to resolve the issue with no connecting to the primary DNS server, particularly Method 2 worked for other users.

**These steps should also work for Vista**


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