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I have a dial-up broadband connection that is causing serious problems with my OS. Once the USB modem is connected it identifies the device, if i try to connect i get a message saying "opening port" then the CPU goes to 100%, i get an error 633 and then my laptop stalls and won't shutdown.
I have checked the network connections and there is nothing else using the internet, and i've re-installed the OS and still have this issue.
It seems there is a conflict between the modem and vista that isn't resolving itself after uninstalling the drivers. Perhaps the port is stuck open and that's why i cannot connect? is there a way to close the com port to resolve the conflict?
I have a registry cleaner installed that keeps reporting errors but after fixing them all the error still occurs.
can anyone help, at my wits end with this problem as i've no internet!



Hi Shelly25,

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Usually dial-up and broadband are considered two separate types of Internet connection.
Dial-up being much slower than broadband (usually DSL or cable).
What brand/model modem are you using?

I'm going to assume this is a dial-up modem based on the information in your post.
If you've re-installed the operating system and your still receiving errors, chances are there is a setting that is incorrect or the hardware is failing. For dial-up modems the issue is usually the COM port setting.

If you go the Device Manager and check the COM settings, you may have to set it to the correct port your trying to use (usually COM port 1, 2, or 3. but not always). You may have to check the paperwork that came with your modem.

You might also want to check to see if the modem is compatible with Vista.

Hope this helps.
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