Q: 0x800f020d bad class ID - DNS does not resolve

I am getting an error while "disabling the network adaptor". The error is 0x800f020d, the class installer registry entry is invalid." The computer can talk to other computers on my home network and the router/firewall. I can ping an IP address on the internet successfully. But I can not ping the same address by using it host name. DNS kicks back an error. It uses the same IP addresses for the DNS servers that my other machine (that works) uses.

I have deleted and reinstalled the driver. Gone to the web site and updated the driver as well.

One entry on the web had me run esentutl /p secedit.sdb. Says the database has valid integrity.




Ok. I have been dealing with this for some time (mostly by ignoring it). I used my laptop for my email. I gave up. While searching for the instructions to use the D drive and do a zero wipe of the OS I came accross more specific instructions for locating and using restore points. I found one for 30 March 2010. This problem was first posted on 5 April. Hope and pray, hit the button and let it go back in time.

Voila! it worked. I now have my internet connection up and running. I created a named restore point and now I am letting the machine do the windows updates again. Hope it works.

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