Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 not working in vista

I have a wireless notebook optical 3000 and it's not working with Vista. I've tried all of the troubleshooting steps on the support page. The light on the receiver is not turning on while the receiver is plugged into the Vista machine but when I plug it into an XP machine it lights up green.

I've installed intellipoint 7.0 and it shows the mouse as connected with full battery and high signal strength but I get no response when moving the mouse. Not sure how intellipoint knows about the mouse if the receiver isn't functioning.

I've checked Device Manager and it lists the mouse as Microsoft Mobile/Notebook mouse (intellipoint). Device Manager says that the device is working properly.

In summary:

Wireless Notebook Optical mouse not working in Vista
Works on XP
USB ports tested good
Software installed
I've tried pressing the connect buttons to synch the receiver and mouse but get no response
Light on receiver not illuminated

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Double check you have right mouse setup in Intellipoint as many are similarly named,
check bottom of mouse with names on list in mouse settings.

Plug the mouse into the PS2 Mouse port. (most have both plugs)

OR leave in USB and :

Do you have other USB devices that actually work?

Try refreshing the mouse and USB stack in Device Manager

Its possible there is some corruption in the USB stack.

Make a Restore Point

How to Create a System Restore Point in Vista

If a specific device(s) is in envolved do step 1.

In your case the specific device is the Mouse.

1. Control Panel - Device Manager - click anywhere in the blank/white area - VIEW - Show Hidden Devices

Check ALL the Device Manager EXCEPT USB Controller for the device (there may be more than one or not so
you have to look closely). For each instance of the problematic device RIGHT CLICK and UNINSTALL.
Look everywhere!

2. Now go to USB Controllers there, RIGHT CLICK - UNINSTALL EVERYTHING in the Category except the
Category itself.


Reboot - the USB stack will be rebuilt.

This KB shows the XP how to and the Vista method is identical

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