Switching between USB headset and speakers without having to restart all applications?

Ok, I have been having this issue ever since my analog headset died. My wife bought me a nice Logitech USB headset. So when I am gaming, watching movies or editing audio files I sometimes end up bothering my wife and kids so I used to just keep my analog headset plugged in and hanging next to my monitor so when that happens I can grab them and just reach over and turn the volume knob off on my creative surround 5.1 speakers without skipping a beat. But now with my USB headset I cant seem to get the headset to run at the same time as the speakers so I have to go into sound setting and swap between them by changing the default device. The worse problem is that in order for the settings to take affect I have to restart any and all open applications or movie players and for streaming video that is a big download sometimes can be a worse pain than its worth.

Is there something I can do to make the headset available simultaneously with the speakers?

Note: I have been all over the different tech support forums, even the logitech forums and they all say its not possible, but I am not buying their response, someone can write a driver to take care of it, problem is their not willing to provide additional support for their hardware. One person said its not their problem, its the Operating System's shortcoming. So since they are unwilling to put forth a little effort I am here trying to see if you guys have any ideas before I make my final decision to NEVER buy a usb headset again. This just seems like such a minor issue for someone who knows how to code drivers.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide. :)

Hey t3h,


I came across the same problem today, i found a script that can do it with hot keys

" I use USB headphones. I also use regular speakers connected to my sound card. Windows makes it a multi-step process to switch from headphones to speakers.

I tired of this, so I wrote a program to rectify the situation and I called it Soundswitch because I’m a wordsmith. You can find this program here: " source from the site below



it has downloads for Windows XP to windows 7 and it's easy to use and best of all it's FREE. i'm using it i just changed the hot keys around


hope this helps every one else that needed something like this.


One thing i would like to see done is this made in to a windows gadget that i can just have on the side bar.

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