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I have a wireless Model WUR0385 keyboard & mouse combo. The mouse has always given me problems with being nonresponsive at times, now the keyboard is outputting incorrectly.


When typing it outputs extra characters, (A= A`) (D=D8) G=G5) (J=J7) (5=G5) (7=J7) (8=D8) so when you type “Adjuncting” it will out put “A’d8j7uncting5” & typing a number like “152497008” will output “1g5249j700d8”


 When using the shift key & typing the characters it will output the shift character A~ D* G% J&


I have fresh batteries in the keyboard & have just taken them out & reinstalled. To verify the problem is the keyboard & not he computer I connected it to another computer & it does the same thing.


Im wondering if I may have hit some special language setting or something or if the keyboard is just fried. If it is fried, what's the warranty on these.








 If it is playing up on both, you may have to make a Warranty Claim.

Above is MS Warranty info.


Mick Murphy - Microsoft Partner

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