Q: ialmrnt5 display driver is messed up

what is the ialmrnt5 display driver? My screen goes blue and everything goes big. If i shut the computer off then turn it back on everything is ok for a while then it does it again. How do i fix it



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Hiya AndrewG,

The Intel video driver has a history of problems especially with gaming. The driver is compatible with several Intel chipsets like the 82945G, 82915G, 82910GL Express Chipset Families. I would recommend visiting the Intel website and downloading the latest device drivers for your video display adapter and verify the chipset version. You can download the Intel chipset version identification utility here:
Then when you know the version, you can download the driver here:
This will fix the problem which is known by Intel. So you and about 500 others have the same issue.

Before installing the new driver, make sure of the following:

1) Boot you system to SAFE MODE to uninstall the current driver files. This is the ONLY method to make sure all the old files are gone from the system and Windows will no longer look for them.

2) Once in SAFE MODE, right click on MY COMPUTER and click on MANAGE from the drop down menu. The COMPUTER MANAGEMENT window will open, click on DEVICE MANAGER and find your Intel display adapter. Double click to open the properties for the adapter and then click the DRIVER tab along the top. Near the bottom of the Driver windows there is a button labeled UNINSTALL. Click it and agree to any messages to PROPERLY UNINSTALL the driver that is causing the problem. The system will ask to reboot and once back in Windows the display will not look good because it is using the default VGA driver.

3) Install the driver you have by double clicking on the file and agreeing with all the messages until it is done. It will need another reboot and once back in Windows the problem should be solved.

4) Remove the monitor cable from the computer and make sure there are no missing or bent pins in the plug.

If you follow these instructions, things should get much better for the gaming, e-mail any questions.


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