2nd hard drive not showing up in my computer‏

My 2nd hard drive isn't showing up in my computer.  The hard drive was a slave I took out of my old xp machine after it crashed.  I had installed it into my new vista machine before and it was working, but then I had to reinstall the OS and ever since then it has not shown up.  I have double checked to make sure it was set as a slave drive and it is.  It shows up in the Bios, the device manager, and in Disk Management, just not in my computer.  Nothing is showing up as unallocated in disk management and the drive says its healthy.  In the device manager it says the device is working properly.  I've tried to just give it a drive letter in disk management, but when I right click on it the only option I have is help.  I've also tried to update the drivers, it says they are up to date.  I've tried disabling and enabling the hard drive.  I've even tried uninstalling it.  When I restarted it did detect it and reinstalled the drivers, but I still cant get it to show up in my computer.
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so I'm assuming you're using the new Windows 7 for this post.

John Doe's proposal worked for me. This is how you do it in a little more detail:

step 1: Windows "start menu"

step 2: TYPE IN, "disk management" into the "Search Programs and Files" box at the botom

step 3 find and RIGHT click on the Hard Drive in the list that program shows.

step 4: select "Change Drive Letter and Paths"

step 5: click ADD and make sure the ASSIGN THE FOLLOWING DRIVE LETTER:  bubble is selected, and then use the drop down menu to select a Drive Letter not in use.

step 5: Click OK

step 6: Done, you should have something pop up showing that your HD is available to show.

I hope this helps. 

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