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Original title: zoo tycoon ultimate wont install

Hello, I recently purchased Zoo tycoon 2 Ultimate Collection. The game begins to install (Disk 1) but then gets stuck installing : " C:\... \DLC\zootycoon_com_zt2_1033\1021_1.0\SceneryPack.z2f " Then error 1305 comes up saying : " Error 1305.Error reading from the file C:\ Program Files\Microsoft Games\ Zoo Tycoon 2\DLC\zootycoon_com_zt2_1033\1021_1.0\SceneryPack.z2f. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it." I have tried installing it on another computer but the same issue appeared.The disk looks undamaged . Is there anyway to fix this? I dont want to call microsoft as its expensive and the option to ask a tech person ( as I couldnt find the Product I.D , due to their **** explanation as to where to locate it, it would cost £40 - five times what the game cost me!) cant also be done so im asking on here. Any ideas or help appreciated. Im working on a Vista 32bit and it should be able to install ok, I used to play Zoo tycoon 2 two years ago on it ,but uninstalled that a long time ago, and it wouldnt explain why it didnt work on the other PC. Thanks.


1. Which Zoo Tycoon version are you referring to?

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