Does a Windows Explorer copy operation verify after copying?

Does a Windows Explorer copy operation verify after copying?  I know that this should be an easy question to answer, and that I should already know the answer, but I cannot find any info which confirms whether or not copying files and folders with Windows Explorer verifies the copy after copying.

I want to copy the contents of my old memory stick to my new one, and I want to be sure that all files and folders have made the transfer before erasing them from the old stick.

I suppose I could use the command line COPY or XCOPY between devices with the /V verify switch.  I can't see that ROBOCOPY has a verify switch.



There's no real way to verify with certainty that copies occurred correctly and that the copied files are all accessible, the same as the originals, uncorrupted, and otherwise guaranteeed to work.  Here's information about the /V switch:  The DOS FC command (from the command prompt) is a better way to compare (or even the Comp command which is not as good as the FC command but still does a comparison, but it still isn't perfect (and it makes the whole process much longer and requires considerably more effort).  It is extemely likely that everything copied just fine - but there's no true verification procedure that will GUARANTEE everything worked properly and that all of the files can be opened and worked with.  The only way to be absolutely sure is to actually check each file individually (and still, the new stick could develop corruption of its own and damage one or more of the files even after you've confirmed it - it doesn't happen often, but it does happen).  That's the nature of computers and storage devices.  If you're concerned, then also copy the old stick to your computer in a special folder (I do so with mine just in case  and I also backup that folder so it's even more protected).  The chances of two (or three) copies getting corrupted or having problems are even more remote and you have a backup (or two) in case something happens to the stick (like you drop it down a sewer vent or it gets run over by a car or gets exposed to a high magnetic field that wipes it clean or you just lose it or any number of other possible problems).

I hope this helps.

Good luck!

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