Task bar buttons (or TABS) missing.

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One problem at a time, how do I get my task bar buttons back?

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IN BRIEF - Main Problem - now is task bar buttons (or TABS) missing. XP Home SP3 after crash, IE8 / google chrome / Disk Management Analyse and Defrag are not working and task bar buttons (or TABS) are missing. Exhausted help files and here in Microsoft Answers. Please help! Any suggestion!


IN DETAIL - XP Home SP3 crashed 2 months ago (27 Jan 2010). After hanging forever, I had to power off to make it let go. XP Home would not restart until after many attempts, BSOD's and scans of HD and files, checking registry files etc. Most of which failed to respond as the description in the 'how to fix whatever', like windows not opening, programs not working etc. (Like Disk Management - Analyse and Defrag not working. Right hand panes that display info not working).

Finally, XP home now runs but the task bar buttons are missing. (I've always called then TABS, but there you go).

System Restore, would not run, just displayed a text box with 'ERROR:' in it, but no error number or code.

System Restore could not be invoked through all other methods I tried at  - Gave up on that, Windows Explorer works, but some folders are claiming to be locked - only available to admin- BUT err.. I AM ADMIN.

System won't let me delete IE8 folders, in order to reinstall IE8.

Also several programs wont run or open. IE8 won't run, I've tried everything in and many many other docs at help and support.

I have AVG9 - that reports no spyware, malware or problems updated daily on the same HD till crash in Jan. Also had the drive scanned by a second AVG9 free fully up to date, in another computer, no problems!

BROWSERS - Google Chrome won't run- FireFox runs, but won't connect to the internetDefrag and Analyse still don't work, although I've had the drive checked & defraged in another computer and everything went without a hitch.

It's not a hardware conflict as the computer has ran for 2 years without additions or problems, plus, hardware conflicts checked for. The only software added is updates to JAVA, IE8, FireFox, Google Chrome and I suppose some windows defender and AVG9  file updates.

Reinstall XP Home refuses, due to disk being an earlier version (prior to SP3) - I know to do uninstall or delete of SP updates to get to an earlier state. But, I cannot find, SP3 SP2 or SP1 files to delete or remove them! So that I can re-install from disk.

Repair from XP home CD, many various methods followed at support but none work because repair stops, or completes without fixing anything!

I am now at a loss for ideas. I cannot complete backups, several methods and software have various issues that won't let the backup take place. 

Previous backup, from IMG file - made September 2009 won't install or run. (its just useless). I don't want to reformat the HD because I have several downloaded programs, that are not available now, or were paid for way back when. They still run ok.

I know I should just give in, set fire to it and start my life over, but I don't want to let this beat me!  Many thanks in advance for any fix or issue known!


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XP Forums:

Above link is to XP Forums.

There is a list of the various XP Forums at above link to help you.

You will get the assistance that you need there.

These are Vista Forums.



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