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I write a lot of emails in Spanish. I have not been able to put accents which are so important and which without them it might change the meaning of a word.
I will like a simple way to do it as I am not a computer expert.
Thanks for your help

Hi, marylintx:

I understand you. My first language is Spanish and I sometimes have to write in that language using an English keyboard.

First of all, if you can buy a Spanish keyboard I'd say it is the easiest way to write in Spanish. If you can't, then you first need to change your keyboard layout to some variation of Spanish. Here is some information about how to to this. Next, you need to see a picture of a Spanish keyboard layout to know how to write accented letters and another symbols that are typical in Spanish. For example, this picture may be helpful. As the bottom line in that picture says, if you want to write "á", you first have to press the apostrophe/quotation mark key and then type the vowel "a".

Another option is to print a table like this and to keep it at hand when you need to write in Spanish:

á = Alt + 160             ü = Alt + 129

é = Alt + 130             ñ = Alt + 164

í = Alt + 161              Ñ = Alt + 165

ó = Alt + 162            ¿ = Alt + 168

ú = Alt + 163            ¡ = Alt + 173

For example, if you want to write the inverted question mark (¿), hold the Alt key and type the number 168 with the numeric keypad of your keyboard.

Hope this helps.

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