How do you make the Command Prompt window stay open after running a command?

Ok, I feel foolish asking this, because I knew the answer before. I'm learning how to program Visual C++. The book I have teaches how to write C++ and then goes into detail on writing the GUI part of Visual C++. The book I have walks me through compiling and making an exe file out of a cpp file, and then it says to go to the directory in Explorer and double-click on the exe file. I do this and the Command Prompt comes up for a quick second before closing down. The example in the book shows the output, and obviously the writer has his Command Prompt  configured to pause after executing an exe.

I just want to configure my Command Prompt to do the same thing, so I can at least see the results. I know that the exe I wrote is working, but I'd like to see the output for less than one second.
 I'm not sure how you are coding this. but if its like a normal batch or anything command line related. 

Do the following to use a user defined switch at the end of the script.

To pause a DOS batch file in Windows XP from continuing to the next command, you can use the PAUSE command. Doing so prompts the user with the text:

Press any key to continue . . .

Then the batch file waits for the user to press a key. However, what if you want to pause a batch file and not display anything? Just pipe the results to nul like so:

pause > nul

Since this may not be very useful (how will the user know they need to press a key to continue the batch file?) you should display a different prompt. Issue an ECHO command with your desired prompt, then issue the above pause > nul command.

For example, to pause a Windows XP batch file with the prompt "Press ENTER to execute the command", use the following commands:

echo Press ENTER to execute the command
pause > nul


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